Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dusty's Wedding And The Rest Of The Story

My nephew Dusty's wedding was last Saturday, the 9th of August.  Denise and I had planned to attend and traveled to Plains on Thursday.  Wednesday around 1am, the day before we left for Plains, I woke with severe abdominal pain.  I thought the pain would go away but it persisted and we decided to go to Kalispell to the VA clinic because the Kalispell clinic was closest.  The VA doctor thought I had appendicitis and sent me to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center emergency room.  I spent 9 hours in the emergency room undergoing two CT scans and diagnostics by 5 different surgeons, gastro, and ER doctors.  The CT scans showed that the inflammation was in the secum portion of the intestine.  The appendix is an appendage of the secum.  The surgeons determined that an appendectomy would leave a hole in the secum and probably spread the infection so surgery was not an option.  They admitted me to the hospital and administered antibiotics and pain medication by IV for two days.  They discharged me Sunday afternoon and put me on another eight days of oral antibiotics.  We missed the wedding, but below is a photo of the bride and groom's dance.  The wedding was held at Burgess Ranch, the ranch where Denise grew up.  The haze in the photo is from all of the forest fires in the area including one in the mountain just east of the ranch. 

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