Sunday, March 23, 2014

Backyard Circus and Backyard Theatre

Remember the backyard circus.  The audience
was mom and she was privileged to the entire
show for the price of a penny.


We had a play of sorts
When I was really young
Blanket tents for royal courts
Made from clothes lines strung

Clothed our dogs in cast off coats
And knee high stockings blue
We put them in cardboard boats
Our cats the sailing crew

Neighbor girls wore mother’s hats
With veils on their face
They shuffled in the highest heels
With costume jewelry in place

The play was a parade, I think
To delight the homebound wives
Refreshment was Kool-Aid drink
The cost was one thin dime

Red lipstick on the little girls
And rouge colored their cheeks
Bobby pins held their curls
It never washed off for weeks

The boys wore Eisenhower coats
Garrison caps from World War Two
Mother’s silk scarves at their throats
On their feet, Buster Brown shoes

The play never had a script
Or a plot that I could see
But it gave all a lift
That’s just between you and me


  1. I love this poem Terry and I love the pictures ! Thanks for sharing ;)