Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Many years ago, when I was in high school a school mate had written a poem he called "The Valkyrie".  At the time I didn't know the meaning of the word "Valkyrie" but the sound of the word was impressive, and his poem really had nothing to do with the real meaning of the word.  It was the pre-hippy days when teens were coming to their own and expressing their hormone driven feelings in many different ways.  Anyway the word stuck in my mind and I never bothered to educate myself to its real meaning.  Many, many years later I decided to try my hand (or pen) at writing verse.  I remembered the poem my school mate had written in the early sixties and researched its meaning and wrote my own poem employing the word Valkyrie.  The poem I penned is "Daughters of Oden".  I am still not sure if the poem is historically accurate.  I have yet to hear from a Norseman as to its accuracy.


Daughters of Oden, Valkyrie
Cause of the heroes slain
Valhalla’s open gates to see
Forever Norsemen reign

Oden’s warriors einherjar
Valkyrie serve them drink
Skuld carried from battle far
Across the foamy brink

To every battle the Valkyrie
Until final Ragnorok begins
Oden’s norn cross the sea
Blown by the Northern wind

Norse heroes of Oden die
Valkyrie choose the slain
Sail Norsemen to endless sky
Drink mead to ease the pain

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