Friday, September 30, 2011

The Beautiful Tennessee Waltz

The Tennessee Waltz was my dad's favorite song.  The photo is my dad and mom, (Pike and Doris), at their 50th wedding anniversary.


They joined hands; fingers locked
They strolled the October night
Passed the field where grain was shocked
The harvest moon was blue and bright

They walked slowly without talking
Their eyes spoke silent thought
What a joy there was in walking
What wonder the night had brought

The Saturday dance had just begun
The old red barn was bright and warm
The band tuned up for a night of fun
For Saturday night at the Joneses farm

The first dance was the Autumn Waltz
They glided across the old wooden floor
Their eyes locked in a question true or false
At the end, the dancers clapped for more

The night wore on; they danced every dance
Time had flown by – it was getting late
Their eyes were locked; they were in a trance
Soon the Joneses would lock the gate

The Tennessee Waltz was the very last
It was a waltz they would call their own
After all of the wonderful years had passed
They would hum it when they were alone

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