Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Dream


‘The spirit is willing’, the saying goes
It’s the body that lacks the drive
The spirit finds beauty in love and prose
The body is barely alive

The spirit sleeps in dreamless plight
Fighting for a starlit dream
Hopeless starts all through the night
Making things not what they seem

Dream maker stop, take extra care
Help make this spirit bright
Dampen bad thought we often share
From battles framed by endless night

Lucent sands and desert dunes
Great mountains and oceans deep
Grand rivers and harvest moons
Those we dream in sleep

Waking in darkness; a seamless night
No dreams of fame; no one to blame
But the dream maker’s abandoned flight
Another night, another dreamer to tame

Sweet dreams to fill and endless night
Chasing the east sun’s early reign
Filling the day with bright sunlight
Sending the dreams from where they came

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