Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling Salvation


On a stage of weathered planks he stood
He pounded the dust from his black frock coat
Brethern and Sistern, I’m Reverend Good
I been preachin’ afore the Good Book was wrote

With this elixir I can cure your ills
I can preach the damnation out of you
This snake oil can cure the chills
It can soften your leather shoes

Is there a sinner in the crowd?
Who’ll spend a dime for eternal days
That’s right, sinners gather round
Snake oil can cure ills and right those evil ways

Sinners, eternal life for one thin dime
Why, you’ll bust out into song
It’ll clean your clothes of filth and grime
Sinners, for a dime you can’t go wrong

Sinners, form a single line
My assistant will take the dimes from you
One bottle is good, but two are fine
Three bottles will last a month or two

Now I must follow that dusty road
I must wander for the rest of my days
I must bear this painful load
Preaching the Word and rightful ways

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