Monday, June 27, 2011

Music in the Park


When the moon tucks its chin on the edge of the earth
The stars above wink a welcome to the onset of dark
Twilight time hovers quietly waiting for the suns rebirth
We have heard the last song of the band in the park

Children’s eye lids so heavy and ready for sleep
We wait and watch quietly; no one will talk
We rise and walk quietly; our burden so precious to keep
Grandchildren in our arms we saw the time on the clock

The last song they played was quiet and sweet
The “Tennessee Waltz” gave pause to reflect
On romances and past loves and happy thoughts we greet
The songs fragrance stayed and chanced no regret

We walk with our young burdens and quietly think
What is it about the music that directs our moods?
How warm and gentle the feeling on which we drink
To nourish the soul music is the best of foods

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