Tuesday, June 14, 2011



When I was young I knew much more
Of life and love and the glory in war
I have learned in forty years
The cost of war in lives and tears

There is no glory that I can see
You don’t have to be all that you can be
Now I’m old and I don’t know much
Of life and love and wars and such

I am wiser, I’m pretty sure
I choose peace over glory’s lure
Now I’m old and I should know
It is our job to help peace grow

There is no sin; I don’t think
To keep ourselves from the brink
Of the destruction of our nation
We should seek our own salvation

I didn’t know all those years ago
That I would see the ebb and flow
Of good and bad and right and wrong
Of a strong nation in which we belong

The need for battle should end right now
We all know our solemn vow
We are one nation made of many
We are no worse or better than any

I don’t mean we should be pushed around
I just know that peace is sound
Any reaction to hostile acts
Should be clear and based on facts

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