Monday, June 13, 2011

The Lady in Black


Wearing a dress of deepest black
Tall and thin and featured fine
Auburn hair tumbling down her back
Eyes deep green sparkling divine

Grace and beauty in her glide
Never a jaunty step is made
Hands placed softly at her side
A ring on her finger of gold and jade

She stands quietly, eyes downcast
Her black dress touches the floor
Her graceful hands now are clasped
As she waits quietly at the door

The door opens slowly into the light
She steps back and curtseys low
She welcomes caller smiling bright
Her flushed face takes on a glow

The lady in black welcomes him home
In the form of a spirit he walks
Every dark night when she is alone
She looks forward to their talks

At first light he fades away
The lady in black wipes a tear
Now she must face another day
Without the one she holds so dear

She’ll wear black and night will come
She’ll smile again and grasp his hand
She knows his mortal life is done
They’ll meet forever in the spirit land

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