Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After School


On a silver screen our cowboys rode
Through canyons deep and blizzards cold
Through deserts hot and high cliffs they strode
On horses swift; with side-kicks bold
A thirty minute show unfolds
Those cowboy heroes of the silver screen
Rotund side-kicks and the heroes lean
We watched them wide eyed in every scene
Those wonderful days of squeaky clean
Hopalong, Lone Ranger, and Roy were there
Red Ryder, Little Beaver, and Tom Mix would share
That tiny TV screen the heroes would air
After school at four a neighborhood affair
Gene Autry, Wild Bill, and Cisco sometimes
Would end up in jail for trumped up crimes
Sometimes they were close to wedding chimes
At the end they rode off; headed for more suitable climes
Sometimes fist fights would erupt in the saloon
In the end the hero played his guitar and sang a love tune
At the end of the show they said, “See you soon”
Those wonderful days of cowboy afternoons

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