Monday, May 23, 2011



Shadows shimmer across the path
Aspen leaves rattle in the breeze
Walking silent in a perfumed bath
Fragrance drifts from apple trees

Nature’s gift of worldly things
Sensing beauty through green leaves
What grand gifts from nature springs
Those wonderful things we call trees

Cherry blossoms draw summer bees
Collecting nectar for honey cells
Hidden throughout those special trees
Nature’s pure honey wells

Apricots and Bartlett Pears
Maple syrup and Mulberry Jam
Hickory wood for wooden chairs
Apple turnovers cool in a pan

Shade from the sun on summer days
Yule logs to heat on Christmas night
A place for a hammock to lay and gaze
Branches for birds to rest in flight

Imagine what all nature sees
Those wonderful things we call trees

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