Monday, May 16, 2011

Prairie Life


In the morning when day’s begun
When warmth drives the cool away
The tree line catches the morning sun
And gives the mountains the light of day

The mountains take the warmth it gives
And make fresh streams from winter snow
The streams where the wild trout lives
Flow swiftly to the prairie below

The prairie brings out its wild flowers
And its grasses green and lush
The prairies early evening showers
Quench the thirsty stands of old sage brush

The wild trout finds a caddis hatch
And a grasshopper taking a swim
The brown bear finds a berry patch
Magpie watches from an old ponderosa limb

The meadow lark sings in the afternoon
The killdeer is calling in the relentless sun
Soon there’ll be a prairie moon
Followed by another rising sun

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