Monday, May 30, 2011

Prairie Flowers

Prairie Flowers

Slender blades of Blue Bunch grass
Carpet the graves of long lost past
Sunflowers and daisies border the plot
Planted by nature to commemorate the spot

To commemorate the lives held inside
On the sun soaked prairie far and wide
A field of blue bells covers winter's sins
Bitterroot and paintbrush when summer begins

White top and yellow bells boy in the breeze
They are born in April amongst cottonwood trees
Summer's flowers stand facing the sun
In brave defiance until night has begun

September's flowers start to transform
In October they'll wilt from the first storm
Milkweed and cattails show the colors of fall
Winter's white blanket will cover them all

(c)Copyright August 31, 2007 by Terry Sutherland

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