Friday, May 20, 2011

Images of Better Times


Buffalo nickels and Liberty dimes
Three cent stamps and Burma Shave signs
The steeple on the church and its Sunday chimes
Watching the train leave the station at nine

Family picnics in the park with music till dark
Mornings when the only sound is the Meadow Lark
A week’s family vacation at Glacier Park
Waking to the sound of your dog when he barks

Lying in the grass in the summer sun
Finding four leaf clovers’ one by one
Watching Roger and Mickey hit a home run
Playing Cops and Robbers just for fun

Listening to the music hit parade
Seeing how cottage cheese is made
Dreading your six week school grade
Watching dad sharpen the mower blade

Playing Olly Olly Oxen Free
The terrible plight of the Spelling Bee
Friday night fights on a little TV
Climbing to the top of a maple tree

Softer days those were for us
No fighting for a seat on a crowded bus
No kids we knew had a living trust
Every school had a copy of Lincoln’s bust

I wish those simple days were back
Where your Lionel train was on the track
Breakfast pancakes came in a stack
Baseball cards came in a pack
Wouldn’t it be grand if these days were back?

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