Friday, May 27, 2011

Greenleaf and Brown

Greenleaf and Brown
Went to town
With trouble on their minds
They had seen
On the silver screen
A treasure they might find

In the early morning hour
They saddled Jake and Flower
And rode the mules to town
Greenleaf rode up to the bank
Brown on his flank
With bandannas covering their frowns

In front of the bank
By the water tank
Greenleaf tied his mule
Off to the side hid Brown
Without making a sound
He watched Greenleaf the fool

Greenleaf walked into the bank
In a voice so frank
Demanded all the money they had
His demand was not met
Because the vault timer was set
And the security was most iron clad

Greenleaf and Brown
Had to run from the town
Without a penny to show for their time
They rode fast as they could
Into the wood
Hoping no one would notice their crime

The constabulary had seen
These criminals so green
And knew they could run but not hide
They found them in time
Punished them for the crime
Now, they're doin' time

Copyright May 7, 2008 by Terry Sutherland

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