Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011


On a fine summer day
In a land far away
A gumdrop galleon
Set sail on a chocolate sea
Its rice paper sails
Caught nor’easter gales
And followed a course due east
It finally moored
In an icy fjord
Surrounded with frothy whipped cream
The ship’s captain was adorned
With a gingerbread horn
And white britches that were double seamed
He left his great ship
And took a short trip
To see his majesty the king
The king met the captain and crew
Served them peppermint stew
And a desert of peppered ice cream
Their visit was done
At a quarter past one
Just in time for crumpets and tea
Then with the setting sun
Their next trip was begun
To the land of the lemon drop tree

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  1. Congratulations Terry, on the new Blog!!
    I am so excited to watch it develop!
    Best of luck, I love you!! ;o)
    Denise Sutherland
    (Your Loving Wife!)