Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1, 2011

My wife grew up on a ranch in western Montana.  Aside from brother and sister her playmates were working farm animals - cats, dogs, and horses and occasionally a neighbor or cousin.  The following poem is about her retired work horse named Mary:


The horse’s name was Mary
She served many a child before
She knew she could carry
Four kids and maybe more

It was a life of leisure
For the old work horse
Baby sitting a pleasure
She could stay the course

She stood for many hours
As the children ran about
Her mane adorned with flowers
She was a beautiful mount

Her mouth never knew a bit
Never a saddle on her back
On her back four children fit
Saddle bags were gunny sacks

Sometimes she was a circus horse
Sometimes she ran a race
She could do all these things, of course
By standing in one place

The children loved old Mary
And Mary loved them back
She was always proud to carry
Four rascals and a gunny sack


  1. You couldn't have asked for a better child's companion! She would never bite or kick or hurt any of us in any way. She knew the meaning of patience and gentleness. She lived a very long life for a horse (30years). We were very lucky to have her in our lives!
    Thanks, Terry!
    Denise ;o)

  2. What a beautiful poem and picture! It's the simple things in life that mean the most. Who knew a horse could mean so much! One of the very first memories I have of horses was Sparky at the ranch. What a long time ago that was. Beverly-Trigger and Ginger were very special too! You never forget them, they live on in our hearts! :o)

  3. Sorry, that last post was mine ( Wendy) I forgot to put my name on it. Love you guys! Wendy :o)